2020 Fruit & Other Useful Perennials

2020 Edible Perennial Collection Card Start or expand your food forest and food resiliency this year! Strawberry ‘Hecker’ $2.50 ea/3″ pot | $8/6 crown bundle | $30 Gardener’s Dozen (13) tray Everbearing Dayneutral. Produces all summer long, sweet large bright red fruit, runners bear fruit, very hardy. Zone 3. Raspberry ‘Fall Gold’ $10/2 canes Everbearing. Golden yellow medium sized sweet fruit that taste like the red varieties. Late season. Zone 3. Raspberry ‘Black’ $12/2 canes Summer Bearing. Produces large, firm, sweet black berries, hardy and very productive canes. Mid season. Zone 4. Blackberry ‘Black Satin’ Thornless $10/ cane (1 gallon pot) Heat tolerant canes that produce high yields of juicy . . . → Read More: 2020 Fruit & Other Useful Perennials

2019 Edible Perennials

Edible PerennialWith another year at Honeydew Headquarters in the West Kootenays under our belt, the food forest is starting to take shape…. and there is nothing quite like walking out the back door and choosing the freshest possible food for our meals….

Anyone can grow food! With just a little bit of space, it’s easy to grow many food producing plants that return every year. This year’s varieties are easy to grow, and most can be grown even in small gardens and urban settings.

2019′s Food Forest Collection includes:

Asparagus – Jersey Knight

Blackberry – NEW! Black Satin Thornless

Blueberry – Chandler, Bluecrop, Sweetheart

Cherry – Romeo, Juliet, Cupid, Valentine

Gooseberrry . . . → Read More: 2019 Edible Perennials