About The Gardens

Just outside of Big River, Saskatchewan, surrounded by fields of alfalfa, you will find Honey Dew Gardens.

After moving to the Big River area in 2008, our family started creating a natural garden space. What started out as about a 35 x 60 foot plot, has now grown into two gardens, totaling approximately 6500 square feet.

Our belief is that healthy soil grows healthy food. Never has a chemical spray touched the soil since the beginning of our stewardship…not pesticide, herbicide or synthetic fertilizer. And we intend it to stay that way! Though we are not certified organic, we strive to work with nature, without harmful interventions to produce healthy food.

Since 2009, when we put up our first greenhouse, we have been growing a wide variety of herbs and heirloom veggies with this protection to extend the growing season. In 2013, we opened our doors and Big River’s newest greenhouse selling annual bedding plants, herbs & veggie starts, and perennials.

We believe that a diet rich in organically produced fresh food and absent of processed food is crucial to good health. Experience tells us that in our climate, this is difficult to achieve alone. That’s why I believe very strongly in the locavore movement, and, as you have probably heard at one point or another, the 100 mile diet. Or, the more extreme version, the zero mile diet. That one needs no explanation.. :-) I understand not everyone is so inclined or has the time to grow their own food. But I always encourage anyone to grow even one plant, be it a tomato or pepper plant, some lettuce…anything. I also encourage people to support the food producers in their community first.

One thing I find fascinating is that there are so many interesting varieties of vegetables that never make it to the grocery shelf. That is why you will find a wide variety of vegetables growing in our gardens. We also feel strongly that we should act as stewards of these diverse gifts, and participate in active seed saving of heritage and heirloom vegetable varieties.

Starting in the spring, we offer a variety of heirloom vegetable seedlings. We also offer salad greens, vegetables and flowers throughout the summer season. For the adventurous, each year we grow unusual things to try!