2020 Fruit & Other Useful Perennials

2020 Edible Perennial Collection Card Start or expand your food forest and food resiliency this year! Strawberry ‘Hecker’ $2.50 ea/3″ pot | $8/6 crown bundle | $30 Gardener’s Dozen (13) tray Everbearing Dayneutral. Produces all summer long, sweet large bright red fruit, runners bear fruit, very hardy. Zone 3. Raspberry ‘Fall Gold’ $10/2 canes Everbearing. Golden yellow medium sized sweet fruit that taste like the red varieties. Late season. Zone 3. Raspberry ‘Black’ $12/2 canes Summer Bearing. Produces large, firm, sweet black berries, hardy and very productive canes. Mid season. Zone 4. Blackberry ‘Black Satin’ Thornless $10/ cane (1 gallon pot) Heat tolerant canes that produce high yields of juicy . . . → Read More: 2020 Fruit & Other Useful Perennials

2020 Veggie & Herb Seedling List

Veggie Starts


Our veggie & herb seedlings are grown without the use of synthetic or chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Please check back as I make updates to the list! Please contact me for current availability :-) Your plants will be ready to take home in April and May.

Many seedlings are in 2″ – 4″ pots, 4 and 6 packs. Generally prices are : 2″ pots $2ea / 3.5″ pots $3ea / 4″ pots $4-5ea / 4 and 6 packs $4. Larger pots and specialty plants are priced individually.

Annual Vegetables:

Asian Greens – Tatsoi (SOLD OUT), Red Giant Mustard (SOLD OUT), Pac Choi, Greens Mix (cut and come again) . . . → Read More: 2020 Veggie & Herb Seedling List

2019 Edible Perennials

Edible PerennialWith another year at Honeydew Headquarters in the West Kootenays under our belt, the food forest is starting to take shape…. and there is nothing quite like walking out the back door and choosing the freshest possible food for our meals….

Anyone can grow food! With just a little bit of space, it’s easy to grow many food producing plants that return every year. This year’s varieties are easy to grow, and most can be grown even in small gardens and urban settings.

2019′s Food Forest Collection includes:

Asparagus – Jersey Knight

Blackberry – NEW! Black Satin Thornless

Blueberry – Chandler, Bluecrop, Sweetheart

Cherry – Romeo, Juliet, Cupid, Valentine

Gooseberrry . . . → Read More: 2019 Edible Perennials

Pastured Pork Packs

Pasture Raised Pork - VerticalAt Honeydew Gardens we take great care in raising our animals humanely.

Our animals are raised on pasture, with daily access to fresh air and sunshine, allowed to indulge in their natural foraging instincts, supplemented with non-gmo feed and kitchen & garden scraps.

Try our Pastured Pork Pack, which includes a variety of cuts, or individual pork cuts are also available.

Very limited quantities of pepperoni, bacon and hams are also available. (Please inquire for current availability.)

Sausage comes in 3 gluten free flavors:

Maple Breakfast Mild Italian Bratwurst

It is government inspected and professionally cut and wrapped.

To order, please call 250-505-9455, email us, or reach . . . → Read More: Pastured Pork Packs

2018 Herb Collection

2018 Herb Collection Card

Our increasing selection of both culinary and medicinal herbs are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Create a kitchen garden, or interplant throughout the garden as companions to the rest of your plants!

Perennial/Biennial Herbs:

Bergamot Catmint – Faassen’s Chives & Garlic Chives Clary Sage Fo-ti Hyssop – Blue Flowered Horehound Lemon Balm – Quedlinburger Niederliegende Lovage Mint – Chocolate, Sweet Pear, Peppermint, Apple Oregano – Greek, Golden Parsley – Giant of Italy, Triple Curled Thyme – Creeping, Orange Scented Valarian Winter Savory Yarrow – Cerise Queen

Annual Herbs:

Basil – Superbo, Genovese, Thai, Borage – White flowered, Blue flowered Cilantro – Santo Dill . . . → Read More: 2018 Herb Collection

2018 Veggie Start Collection

2018 Veggie Start Collection Card

All our veggie starts are grown without the use of synthetic or chemical pesticides or fertilizers. They are started from seed right here at Honeydew Headquarters.

Get a head start in your garden with our healthy veggies starts.

Edible Annual Vegetables:

Asian Greens – Tatsoi, Red Giant Mustard, Altor

Broccoli – Green Sprouting, Rapini

Cabbage – Jersey Wakefield, Golden Acre, Copenhagen Market

Cauliflower – Early Snowball

Cucumbers – Lemon, Double Yield, Suyo Long, Straight Eight

Fennel – Selma Fino

Kale – Red Russian

Leeks – King Richard

Lettuce – Parris Island Cos, Grandpa Admire’s, Allstar Mix

Melons – Minnesota Midget, Honey Rock, Hale’s Best Jumbo

Pac . . . → Read More: 2018 Veggie Start Collection

2018 Ornamental Collection


2018 Ornamental Collection Card


The 2018 plant list would not be complete without at least a few showstopping ornamentals! These longlasting, easy to care for perennials will be a colorful addition to any garden.

Please contact us for current availability and pre-order to make sure you get yours!

Lily – Casablanca, Ladylike, Tiny Moon, Salmon Star, Roselily Isabella

Iris – Chilled Wine, Miss Apple, Freckled Geisha, Pink Parfait

Daylily – Strawberry Candy, Stella d’Oro, Honeydew Homestead

Hosta – Sum & Substance



2018 Edible Perennial Collection

2018 Edible Perennial Collection CardWe’re pretty jazzed about growing good food. Besides from the relaxing and mood boosting benefits, the obvious benefit of fresh, zero mile food is just too much to resist.

And with just a little bit of space, it’s easy to grow many food producing plants that return every year. This year’s varieties are easy to grow, and most can be grown even in small gardens and urban settings.

2018′s Food Forest Collection includes .

Asparagus – Jersey Knight

Blueberry – Razz, Sweetheart, Reka, Chandler

Cherry – Romeo, Juliet, Cupid, Valentine

Grapes – Canadice

Haskap – Tundra, Honey Bee

Kiwi – Issai (self pollinating)

Raspberry – Purple, Honeydew . . . → Read More: 2018 Edible Perennial Collection

Farm Fresh Eggs

egg basket

Well, the ladies are starting to lay pretty good. Our gorgeous flock of Buff Orpingtons are pretty laid back and happy with their lifestyle….

I mean, who wouldn’t like to hang out with their friends all day, playing in the grass and sun, eating bugs and generally having a great time? Right?

They have been raised on organic feed since day one. Eggs are $5/dz, available daily. :-) So if you are in the Nelson to Castlegar area and are looking to buy yummy eggs, give us a shout at fresh@honeydewgardens.ca


Basil Pesto

basilI just love that time of year when fresh herbs are ready to eat. I pine away all winter for basil pesto especially. If you grow lots of basil, you can always double your batch and freeze some pesto, but honestly, in our house that usually involves a little white lie of the “nope, it’s all gone” variety.

A large leaf variety of basil is good to use. Genovese or Large Leaf are good varieties, but for flavor variance you can try adding lemon, thai, cinnamon or other basils. Basil is a very tender annual, and loves sun. Grow it in a nice hot spot in your garden, or in containers, . . . → Read More: Basil Pesto